March brings second sowing

Hoop house update: March 7, 2012

3/7 second hoop house planting

On Sunday, March 4, I made the second planting in the hoop house. I pushed back the row cover, and added some wood ash for a potash boost to the soil.  I seeded the 18 ft row with three types of spinach, early maturing carrots, radishes, and baby-leaf lettuce.

light application of wood ash













I also transplanted several arugula plants that I started in the house. I wanted to see how well they would take to the transition from inside temps (70-75), to garage temps (40-45) to hoop house night temps of 23-32. I’m happy to report that they are doing well.

radishes and spinach to the right

The first row that I planted on 1/28 has been growing, oh so slowly, (to be expected) but it is amazing that they can tolerate nightly temperature below freezing. I would say that I have had nearly 95% germination. Many varieties are growing their true leaves now.

Today, with the temperature pushing 55 degrees outside, the hoop house reached an all-time high (since early January) of 88 degrees! I think it’s time to provide a little ventilation.

On Monday, Dad traveled to Griffin’s Greenhouse in Gray to buy some oasis cubes for starting the hoop house tomatoes. The oasis is just like the oasis used in a cut flower arrangement. One tomato seed will be inserted into each cube. After the seedlings are a week old, the cubes will be separated.

oasis planting sheets

Dad also stopped at Skillin’s Greenhouse in Falmouth to buy 3″ peat pots which will be used to transplant the tomato seedlings when they are three weeks old. I have three varieties of hoop house tomatoes that I will be starting very soon. They varieties are Geronimo, Clermon and New Girl. The plan is to have 8-12″ plants ready for the hoop house by May 1-10. That’s less than 8 weeks away!

Geronimo, hoop house variety


4 thoughts on “March brings second sowing

  1. So fun to hear about someone using a hoop house. I’m jealous that you’re starting seeds already. I won’t be starting my seedlings until the end of the month!

    • The month is flying by, you’ll be planting before you know it! The sun is getting so strong and those little seeds will be sprouting. Hope you write about your plantings. Diane

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