Poor Man’s Fertilizer

March 1 is the 61st day in the leap years with just 19 days until the Spring Equinox.

March 1 snow storm

What could be better that a good old fashion, 24-hour, snow storm on the first of March? Well, having the day off was a good offering but knowing that the finish line of winter is (or was) in sight, I wasn’t too excited about this storm. After all, the hoop house is waiting to flourish in a wave of green and the seedling trays in the south window are stretching to soak up the warmth of the ever increasing daylight.

Daffodils getting ready to bloom. Little did they know they poked their heads out of the ground too soon!

But nothing can change the fact that March has definitely comes in like a lion but looks much more like a lamb out there in the yard. Twelve inches of snow has fallen making all that WAS hinting of the signs of life, now non-existent, buried under what old timers call, poor man’s fertilizer.

snow drift on the south side of the hoop house

The claim is that a late snowfall is good for the soil and helps to green everything up when the snow melts away. Snow contains nutrients such as nitrogen, sulfur and other trace elements and of course lots of moisture. So if I have to wait a week or two for the brown earth to appear again, I feel better knowing the heavens have blessed the soil with something nourishing. Until then, I’ll keep planting those seeds!


3 thoughts on “Poor Man’s Fertilizer

  1. What a storm we had! Some had the day off and there were some that did not. Those lil’ sprouts are nice to see. Great job Di.

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