Land for Maine’s Future

August 2011

When you put seven adult siblings together in one room, you’re bound to have an argument. We’ve had our share of opinions, after all, we are all entitled to our opinions, but in the end one thing was certain. We all agreed that preserving the farm for future generations was a must. No one wanted to see the farm fall into developer’s hands and be sub-divided. And with the move towards preserving farms for production of local food, it made perfect sense, land conservation.

Several years ago, Dad had applied for the “Land for Maine’s Future“, conservation easement. For personal reasons, Dad withdrew the application. Now, with Dad’s blessing, it was time for us, the future inheritors of the farm to apply for the conservation easement as a family-supported farm. On August 15, 2010, we submitted the application.

raspberries ripening

Maine ranks high in land conservation

According to a report from the Land Trust Alliance, Maine ranks second in the nation behind California and first in the Northeast for the highest amount of conserved land. Land trusts in Maine have conserved a total of 1,796,387 acres. In 2010, Maine had 88 land trusts with 433 paid positions using 3,846 active volunteers and supported by 41,767 members and financial contributors.


4 thoughts on “Land for Maine’s Future

  1. Ha ha! I can sympathize, and we share the communication challenges you face. You should see us when we get around the table! There are only really 4 of us here who argue here, so you have it worse than us! However, like you, we are all passionately in agreement here on one thing, that the farm needs to be saved. Together with this unifying dream, so much can be accomplished. And it’s the passion that drives both the arguments and also the accomplishments!

    • Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm. I think it will be important in the road ahead to let everyone be heard, set goals and give opportunity to those who want to try something that might not seem like the best idea. We have to learn by trying, success or failure. Our dad, has years of experience, and doesn’t want to see us fail. But, we keep telling him, he can point the way but we are the ones who have to go thru the trials. I’m sure we can put a smile on his face no matter what!

  2. It will make him happy to know you are trying, and carrying on the tradition, that’s what truly counts in the end…None of us knows exactly what the formula is for success, but if we don’t try, we will never know…:)

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