It bought us all together…the future of the farm

In the summer of 2011, the Rivard family gathered around the kitchen table, the same table that we spent eating our daily meals while growing up. This gathering, however, was not about food of substance but rather food for thought.

So many years had gone by since we had lived or worked on the farm. While we were off pursuing our interest and living our own lives, at the same time we were very much connected to our roots. The farm was the one place, that we could always return to for its beauty, bounty and parental love. And in all those years of our absence our parents still loved calling the farm, home.

However, the reality was that our parents were aging, they were fortunate enough to have their health but a question remained.

“What would become of the farm when our parents could not care for it anymore?”

The farm house where we grew up

young blueberry fields


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